Tuesday, November 02, 2010

PromoWriting Lands New Control

Anatomy of a control

In case you’re not schooled in direct marketing lingo, a control is a mailer’s top performing promotion. Mailers concurrently test several promotions to discover the one that pulls the most responses, which becomes the control. Testing continues in an effort to topple that control with a new control that pulls even more responses and increases pay-up.

Recently, I found out a promotion I created became the new control, lifting response 29% while at the same time increasing pay up 20%. This is truly something to shout about!

How did PromoWriting create this new control? I teamed up with Patrick Fultz, DM Creative Group. We leveraged our 25+ years of experience as seasoned idea generators and direct marketers developing sizzling concepts and winning solutions.

Speaking of sizzling concepts, we presented 3 extraordinary concepts that were a departure from everything the company had mailed previously. The client chose the “official” approach, a 6” x 11” package with a mock shipping label and bar code. A perforated pull tab enticed recipients to open the envelope. Color palette was red, black and grey on white stock.

Inside was a 2-page official-looking memo, plus brochure and order form with a numbered sticker, an involvement device designed to encourage recipients to interact with the promotion.

“Respond Within 12 Days” was rubber stamped on the order form to increase urgency. An explanation on the back of the order form detailed the rationale for the deadline and described the 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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